Jesse Geguzis, MSW, MEd., LSW

Languages spoken: English

Jesse (they/them) holds a Master in Social Work, a Master of Education in Sex Therapy, and a trauma certificate from Widener University. Jesse is a proud non-binary, transmasculine human who is excited to serve the underserved. They believe mental health care is a right that should be afforded to everyone and aim to lessen the stigma of seeking mental health care. Jesse believes it takes incredible strength to ask for help and they work to foster a warm and empathetic environment and an honest and genuine therapeutic relationship.

Jesse uses a strengths-based approach, allowing space for discomfort, encouraging vulnerability, and building resiliency. They understand how intersecting oppressions for minority and underserved populations can be a heavy load to carry. They use a collaborative and trauma-informed approach to foster strong and positive self-narratives.

Jesse specializes in gender and sexuality identity work in the LGBTQIA+ community and transition-related therapy for youth, teens, and adults. They are also interested in sex and relationship therapy and is particularly drawn to atypical relationship structures. Other specialties include kink, BDSM, sex work, minority stress, trauma, vicarious trauma.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

Out of Pocket Price

Individual: $100 per 50 minute session

Relationship: $100 per 50 minute session




 Insurances Accepted

Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO


 Available to Practice In:


Issues that I Commonly Treat


Atypical Relationship Structures
Coping Skills
Grief and Loss
Life Transitions
Relationship Issues
Sex Work
Teen Violence
Trauma and PTSD


Sex Therapy
Transgender and Gender Identity



What services do you provide?

I offer individual therapy, relationship and sex therapy, and group therapy.  I see clients ages 6 and up.

Is therapy right for my kid?

Mental healthcare can be essential for young people who are questioning any part of their identity, especially gender and sexuality.  I am highly specialized and trained to help young people navigate a variety of issues related to gender and sexuality.  If you as a parent have questions about the process, please reach out.  I am able to offer additional support to the family as needed.  

What if I don't like therapy?

No problem! I can refer you to other amazing therapists! The therapeutic relationship is very specific, and it needs to be comfortable for you to share. It’s normal to shop around for a therapist if something doesn’t work for you. 

Do you accept insurance?

I am pre-licensed, which means I can’t take insurance yet. I feel very committed to taking insurance, and I will accept it as soon as I can- which will be in a few months. If you’d like to start sooner than that, you could start as self-pay and change to insurance when it becomes available. 

What are the benefits of paying out of pocket?

Paying out of pocket has several benefits.  It increases your flexibility in choosing the right therapist for you.  There is no limit on your benefits or the amount of sessions you are allowed to have.  If you change insurance, you will be able to keep the same therapist.  Lastly, your information will never be shared with anyone, not even your insurance company, if you are not using insurance to pay for therapy.  


Do I have to have serious sexual difficulty or injury to go to sex therapy?

No! Any adult can benefit from sex therapy. Also, sex therapy isn’t exclusively about sex! It can be whatever you want it be. At the beginning of therapy, we would work together to create goals for therapy, and what you’d like to start with. Maybe you didn’t come in specifically for a sex-related issue, but it comes up during the therapeutic process. Great, we can address it then and/or bookmark it for later. Society stigmatizes talking about sex and sexuality, so maybe you might just want a place to chat about sex in a judgement-free environment. I would work to ensure a comfortable and trusting space for our time together. 

Does sex therapy involve touch?

No. Sex therapy is completely non-contact. It can look a lot of different ways! It might include exercises or experiences that might be working on at home, with your partner(s), but that is only based on your comfortability. It might be talking through whatever might be coming up for you at that time, individually or related to any relationships you are in. 

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