Therapy Group for Partners of TGNB Individuals

Update: Due to scheduling conflicts, we have changed the group to meet on Wednesdays beginning October 19th.  

As a partner of a TGNB individual, do you often find yourself with questions that are not easily answered by asking peers or browsing the internet? Due to a lack of resources and fewer role models, you may feel isolated or at a loss with how to understand a partnership that is normal but not common. This group gives you an opportunity to meet and process with others who are on a similar journey as the partner of a TGNB individual. This 8-week closed therapy group provides a safe, supportive, and collaborative space that offers the structure to explore questions like: what does this mean for our family/children? How does your identity change my identity? Does that make me gay (straight, queer etc.)? What will sex be like? I don’t know who they will become, what if I don’t like my partner anymore? What if I stop being attracted to them? 

We will cover topics like: coming out, guilt/shame, fear, communication, enmeshment, codependency, sexuality, validating and invalidating feelings, gender & mental health, and gender expression vs. gender identity. This group will provide coping skills, education, resources, community, and a chance to get brutally honest about questions or concerns you may have about your future together. Facilitated by a trained transmasculine and nonbinary facilitator who has experienced both sides; being the partner of and the TGNB person in intimate relationships.

When: Beginning October 19th, 8 Weekly sessions will be held on Wednesdays from 7:00pm – 8:30 pm

Where: Virtually on a HIPAA compliant platform

Price: $40 fee for each session. 

This group is a closed group, which means once the group begins no more group members will be admitted. This allows members to be comfortable with one another to explore more sensitive topics as they come up.  

Limited space available.  Contact Jesse as soon as possible if you are interested in joining:

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(609) 225 9641 Ext 6



401 S 2nd St, Ste 401, Philadelphia, PA 19147


Thursdays 7:00pm-8:30pm